Principal and Veterinarian
Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Becky was born and raised in Vancouver, and obtained all of her schooling here on the lower mainland. The majority of Becky’s family is located in Vancouver with some spread around Canada and the world. Out of her family, Becky is the only one who is interested in animal physiology, behavior and welfare.

Becky graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Animal Biology in 2021. She has been heavily involved in animal welfare, specifically laboratory rats. She conducted her research projects regarding rate welfare and her thesis is based on this. Becky is also the Treasurer/Vice President of UBC Pre-veterinarian Animal Welfare and hosted the UBC PAW Annual Animal Welfare Conference for 2019.

Over the past few years Becky has enjoyed many volunteer and work experiences; from Barista to Air Cadet, she has been involved in the first aid team, was a camp leader for the Cadet Program and volunteered at research labs assisting master/phD candidates with their research projects.

Becky is interested in veterinary medicine, animal behavior, animal research and conservation. She aspires to become a veterinarian and incorporate research into her occupation. She is also interested in wildlife conservation and human-animal conflict. She has chosen this career because she has a passion for animals and being able to help them; whether it is by sitting with a pet and keeping them company or providing clients with advice or comfort. 

In her off time, Becky loves to karaoke with family and friends, being active running and hiking, reading and puzzles. She loves to spend time out with her family and friends exploring new restaurants and different cuisines.


Becky loves Amherst because she gets to work in a great team environment with like-minded individuals who all have the same compassion, love and interest in animals as she does.

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