AHT Assistant
Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Eve was born in Manhattan, New York, and spent most of her early childhood years in the States before moving to the Caribbean. She lived in Trinidad for 9 years and loved the cultural experience. Then in 2016, she moved to Toronto with her family where she completed high school. She then migrated to Vancouver to enter the faculty of Science at UBC where she is now studying biology. Eve’s long term goal is to attend veterinary school and receive her DVM.

Eve adopted her kitten Mango in late 2020 and says he has brought so much love and enjoyment into her life. Luckily for her he’s a cat that loves to be held so he does get babied a lot.

Eve volunteered at a Veterinary clinic in Trinidad over summer vacation a few years ago and learned about different attitudes towards pets in a Caribbean setting.

Eve has always had such a great interest and love for biology and animal physiology. Her goal has always been to pursue a career in the medical field and Veterinary medicine is the perfect fit for her as it’s where her passion for medicine and love for animals collide. She is also a very strong advocate for animal health and thinks it is extremely important to take care of the animals in our lives

Working as a Vet Assistant, Eve always try to make sure the animals are as comfortable as they can be while at the clinic. A lot of cats and dogs can become very stressed while at the Vet, and she always does her best to make sure they have the most positive experience possible. This means treating each animal as an individual to learn about their individual comfort levels.

Eve’s hobbies include a love for playing soccer, biking and exploring new nature trails. Travelling back to the Caribbean to visit friends and families and exploring new beaches and coastal roads is always fun. Once I’m at the beach, I’ll be in the best mood.

“My experience at Amherst has been amazing from the start and I am so lucky to work with such kind hearted and smart co-workers. I am extremely blessed to be exposed to and learn from the truly amazing veterinarians at Amherst. Being an advocate for diversity and inclusion within the Veterinary work field is also extremely important to me. Statistics show that there are very few people of colour who are a part of the veterinary medicine work field so I am extremely proud to be one.”

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