Kelly grew up in rural Virginia. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of English in her education bank. Kelly has always loved the outdoors and animals. She is a big fan of camping and was a champion USA girl scout! Scout’s Honor!!

Kelly grew up with and all kinds of animals, from hamsters to horses and has resided in Vancouver for over 10 years now. Kelly has two cats…and she is over the moon about them. Prior to her two current loves she had two ribbon winning show cats (a Maine Coon named Bela and another Chantilly), both gorgeous and gentle. When they passed on, Kelly was adopted by two fabulous felines from VOKRA cat rescue in Vancouver. Recon is a Pixel Bob who was born in a towing yard and was feral, until he met his new brother from another mother, Foster Brown. A handsome tabby with a sweet disposition. They are delightful and Kelly says “I will love them forever!”

Kelly’s past experience includes 8+ years working in veterinary clinics, and 2 years of Doggie Daycare and petcare services for private clients. Kelly has been a volunteer at VOKRA and The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and various other animal rescue groups, plus a stint at the San Francisco Zoo.

Some of Kelly’s special interests are animal training and behaviour, nutrition, wildlife ecology and animal genetics. In addition, she stays busy with other hobbies that include making dolls, and enjoying games, art and photography.

Kelly brings a calm demeanour, a well organized mind, and an articulate manner to her role. Kelly says “The team at Amherst is great! They are experienced, informed, efficient and care. The clients are lovely and I love being able to help them take care of their pets.”

Amherst is so pleased to have Kelly on their team! Welcome!

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