AHT Assistant

Krista grew up in the beautiful cottage country of Ontario. After high school she pursued post secondary education and obtained her undergraduate at McMaster University. She then moved to Australia to pursue a degree in Marine Biology. Krista obviously has a thirst for learning as she has since obtained a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and Zoology. She is currently finishing her Master of Science in Fisheries.

Krista joined Amherst in February of 2013 as a volunteer. We were so impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge that we offered her a paid position as a Veterinary Assistant. Even though Krista had not worked in the veterinary field before she had conducted field research with marine turtles, colobus monkeys and coral reefs in various places around the world (Costa Rica, Kenya, Borneo, Seychelles, and Australia). Krista is clearly drawn to the mysteries of marine life and water and now the veterinary world! She has a strong interest in surgery, emergency services and disease pathology.

Krista has a really soft spot for all the patients that come to Amherst and when you ask her what he expertise is, well she just answers that it’s giving love to all those patients. At home Krista has Nelly, her permanent puppy who is a beagle/cocker spaniel cross.

Krista says of Amherst “I love working at Amherst because of all the great staff, clients and pets. It’s really been a life changing experience and I have learned so much.” We are so happy to have Krista working with us. Her calm and sweet personality is a huge asset to the team.

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