At Amherst Hospital we carry for dispensing a full range of pharmaceuticals to aid in the well being of your pet.

In Stock Medications

To find out what we have in stock at our Animal Hospital in Vancouver please contact our receptionist.Although many are species specific and only available in veterinary preparations, we also carry many medications created for human medicine for similar usage. Due to the diversity of animal sizes and dosing requirements, some of these medications have differing strengths and formulations from their human counterparts. This is for your convenience as well as to ensure accuracy in dosing.

In the event that we do not routinely stock medication, we can special order that product and have it available within 72 hours. Our doctors are also willing to write prescriptions to have medications filled at regular pharmacies when possible. Please ask about these services for more information.

Special Order Compounding

In extremely small animals or in specialized cases it may be necessary to have a medicine compounded so as to have it be more palatable, less concentrated, or provide an alternative mode of delivery (i.e. transdermal gels).

At Amherst we can make arrangements to have your pets medication compounded and delivered to us. The turnaround time is approximately 2 days (depending on the medication) however be forewarned this option will be more costly and given the customization of the order the compounding company has a no return policy.

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