Have you checked your pet’s breath lately?  Does it make you run across the room?  The clinical name for bad breath is halitosis and often there is a good reason for it!  February is dental month at Amherst Veterinary Hospital, so we recommend a visit to determine the reason for the horrid smell.

Often the primary cause is heavy plaque and calculus.  In addition, the smell can be originating from an infected tooth or dental lesion, which is much more common than most people think. Occasionally the smell isn’t coming from the teeth at all!  Severe gum inflammation (gingivitis) can give off a really bad odour, as can a mass in the mouth.

All the above can be seen in both dogs and cats.  So if your pet is suffering from breath that makes you “hit the floor”, perhaps a veterinary visit is in the future.  And remember February is Dental month at our Vancouver veterinary hospital, so not only is a discount available on dental cleanings but you also get a goody bag!

For more information on proper dental care for your dog or cat or to schedule an appointment please contact us.

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