3 Ways to Introduce Small Dogs to Larger Dogs

Smaller dogs are very popular for urban living but it can be difficult to get your small pup to socialize with the bigger dogs in the park. We understand that some small dogs may have a Napoleon complex where they feel the need to try and intimidate larger dogs with...

Amherst Veterinary Hospital Prepares for Dental Month

Have you checked your pet’s breath lately?  Does it make you run across the room?  The clinical name for bad breath is halitosis and often there is a good reason for it!  February is dental month at Amherst Veterinary Hospital, so we recommend a visit to determine the...

Dealing with your Pet’s Lice

As your Vancouver Animal Hospital we must stress the importance of proper prevention and treatment for your any parasitic infestations. Lice (Pediculosis ) are parasites that feed off the blood and skin of animals. They inhabit the skin and feed by chewing on your...

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