My name is Joe and I have volunteered with Amherst Veterinary Hospital for the past year and a half. My experience as a volunteer was nothing but positive. I found the staff to be welcoming, professional and informative. They helped me build a foundation of knowledge of the day-to-day proceedings of a family vet clinic. I was encouraged to work with animals and be a contributor to relevant tasks. As a volunteer I had expectations from the staff to be a productive member of their team, forcing me to continuously be involved. The staff’s willingness to teach me and answer questions made a huge difference.

Over my time as a volunteer I enjoyed seeing the variety in treatments and procedures that Amherst has to offer. My involvement in taking X-rays and being able to watch surgeries were especially exciting to me. I was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Amherst community in what I believe was a mutually beneficial relationship.

In the photo above, you can see Joe sitting with Scout and Reiley at the park.

Amherst Veterinary Hospital

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