This week we would like to pay homage to a very special pet, our resident clinic cat Mary!


Hanging out in the cat scale for a routine weigh in

For those of you who are not familiar with our Miss Mary, she was surrendered to our clinic early last spring. Originally we tried to find a new home for Mary. But finding a family for a 13 year old diabetic cat proved to be difficult, and recognizing how much Mary was making herself at home here, we decided that we were her new family. So we appointed Mary the role of ‘Clinic Cat,’ and over the last year and a half have watched Mary take on the role wonderfully.

Mary Cupcake

Mary helping to promote Cupcake Day Fundraiser


We are so fortunate to have found a cat that happily spends her days here at Amherst Veterinary Hospital. It definitely takes a unique individual to put up with the daily hustle and bustle of a very busy clinic, and Mary does just that. Not only does she tolerate other animals who are sometimes very excited and interested to see a cat roaming around, she puts up with all of the staff here, who love to play, cuddle and coo over Mary more than she may sometimes want.

mary mice resized

Mary exercising great patience.


When we last posted about Mary she was diabetic, receiving insulin injections twice a day. We are happy to report that Mary is no longer diabetic and has been in remission since November 2014! Now, she is maintained on a very strict diet and is happy and healthy.

Mary roams free around the clinic during the day. Her favorite past times are eating, sleeping, stealing people’s chairs, chasing treats across the room, and scratching her cat post. Mary is not an especially cuddly cat, however if you catch her on a good day, she will tolerate some cuddles, and if your really lucky she’ll purr.


Mary, lounging in a char she probably stole from someone.

Our Miss Mary is quite the character; everyone here at Amherst really loves her, as she has become an important member of our team. We have enjoyed every minute of having Mary around and look forward to many more fun memories!

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