Introducing- The Pot Roast Series!

by Kelly S. Thompson

If you follow the Amherst Veterinary Hospital blog, you’ve already heard of Pot Roast, the English Bull Terrier with an affinity for medical care. His three-and-a-half years have been fraught with medical issues and health problems, but also with love and joy on both sides of our relationship.

In our house, we often joke that as a writer, I could easily fill a whole book on Pot Roast and his antics, so when Amherst learned I wrote for a living, they asked if I would be interested in crafting some posts about this loveable character I call my pet. How could I pass up such an opportunity?

So allow me to introduce you to Pot Roast, my bodacious little Bully, also known as Roast, Roastie, and PR.



The one and only Pot Roast.

My husband, Joe, and I waited a long time for Roast to be born because I refused to own another breed. My first English Bull Terrier was named Duncan, and friends bought him for me when they worried I was lonely. He was my first puppy and he put me through the wringer, eating everything in sight (including my entire kitchen floor, which had to be replaced with tile) and basically terrorizing me on a daily basis. But as a former officer in the military who travelled extremely often, he was also something to come home to and something that made me laugh.

So when he died on Remembrance Day on my final year in uniform, you can imagine how heartbroken I was. He was only three-and-a-half, the same age Roast is now, and when I came home he had a massive seizure and died in my arms. I wrote about the experience for Chatelaine magazine, which you can read here.

I determined I hadn’t had enough time with these adorable characters and Joe relented. But finding a Bull Terrier breeder was a challenge. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

We finally brought Roast home in August, 2012. If only we knew what we were in for…

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