Our recent road trip throughout the Maritimes was a real treat, and an opportunity to explore more of our amazing country. We love Vancouver, my husband is from Calgary and I’m an Ontario girl, so we’ve officially been from one side to the other, and so has Roast! He’s a great traveller, happy to be in the car for endless hours.


But our trip out east showed us how prevalent prejudice is against Bull Terriers. We’re no strangers to people being afraid of him, and while we don’t feel the same way, we understand. He’s a beefy boy (pun intended!) but he’s a complete love bug. That said, he isn’t a dog for anyone who is nervous around dogs. Calling him exuberant would be an understatement of the year.


During our trip, people on the street yelled at us to get rid of our “pit bull,” which to me, is also a shame for the Pit Bulls of the world. Others crossed the street as we approached and a few told us our dog was ugly. Rude, but nothing we aren’t used to.


Nova Scotia, however, seemed an oasis for Roast. He was a celebrity there! Everyone likened him to Blue from Don Cherry and Spuds Mackenzie from the Bud Light commercials. They wanted to pet him, snuggle him, give him treats, and Roast was only too happy to oblige.


His happiest day was at Peggy’s Cove, with the famous lighthouse that graces the rocky edge of an area between Lunenburg and Halifax. Three large tour buses of tourists arrived, and although the weather wasn’t spectacular, it was pleasant enough to be outside and the views were something to take your breath away. You would think though, that with such spectacular scenery, no one would be looking at the other visitors. But Pot Roast became the new photogenic picture bomber! Soon people lined up and asked to take pictures with him, which he was thrilled about. Love from every angle! I swear that when a camera comes out, Roast is first in line to pose and smile.


All together, Nova Scotia proved a province in love with our Roastie. He felt right at home, and by the end of the day, so did we.

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