Melissa has spent the last year working as an assistant at Amherst and has done an amazing job. Her dream is to be a Veterinarian and she recently found out that her application to study Veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan has been accepted. We are very proud of Melissa and wish her all the very best for her future. Well done Melissa and thank you for the kind words!

“I feel very fortunate to have had the privilege to work with the Amherst team. Amherst is such a fast-paced clinic, with different challenges and cases every day making it always interesting, exciting, and a great learning experience. Despite the large number of animals that come through, it is easy to tell that the level of care for each animal is held to the highest standard. Each day, I would see staff members working above and beyond to ensure the animals were given the best care possible. However, what really makes Amherst such a great environment is the incredible staff- doctors, techs, assistants, reception, and management- everyone is so friendly and supportive. As an aspiring vet student, I am so appreciative of what I learned and the skills I have developed while at Amherst.  The doctors and technicians would take the time to share their knowledge and really ensure that everyone- both human and animal- were happy and comfortable. Thank you to everyone who makes Amherst the incredible clinic it is!”


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