Dr. Loretta Yuen

Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Loretta Yuen is an exceptional and astute member of our Amherst team and serves as the Veterinary Medical Director. She is responsible for overseeing the medical operations within the hospital. We are lucky to have Dr. Yuen leading the advancement of high quality patient care and client service at Amherst Vet Hospital.

A native to Vancouver, she attended high school at Eric Hamber and completed her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science in conservation biology, at the University of British Columbia. Loretta then went on to Saskatchewan and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine where she obtained her DVM and graduated with honours in 1999. It was September of that same year that Dr. Yuen joined Amherst. Since that time Loretta has established herself as a highly respected doctor. One specific area of interest for Dr. Yuen is dentistry, an avenue in which she excels. However, Loretta’s main interest is to “provide compassionate quality care for pets and informing their owners of all options available to them.”

Dr. Yuen is not only an active member of our Amherst team, but she also plays soccer with the Urban Rec League, coaches her daughter’s soccer team and sings for the Universal Gospel Choir in her spare time.

Loretta’s family includes a supportive husband and two fabulous children. In 2005, Loretta gave birth to a strapping boy. A talkative little one, his first word at 9 months of age was “Sadie,” the name of their family dog. In 2008, a beautiful baby girl joined the Yuen gang. Cindy, our miracle rescue cat, joined Dr. Yuen’s family in 2014 and this summer 4 boisterous chickens joined the mix, entertaining the neighbours from Loretta’s backyard.

Dr. Yuen would like to express that veterinarians work best as an interactive team. The benefits of a multi-vet practice like Amherst is that “the doctors communicate with each other, offering help and advice so that each patient and their owner is actually getting the medical opinion of several veterinarians in a collaborative effort to provide the best possible care.”

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