Oncology and Chemotherapy

Unfortunately we encounter a wide range of cancers in animals. Amherst does not have an oncology department per se but diagnosis may entail blood and urine samples, radiographs, ultrasounds, fine needle biopsies/aspirates impression smears and ultimately biopsy or excision. Amherst utilizes the services of True North Veterinary Diagnostics Lab, a local pathology lab of outstanding expertise in histopathology. Some of these cancers are curable through surgery alone however many require additional treatment with chemotherapeutic medications, radioactive isotopes or radiation. All masses of unknown cause should be investigated or removed. If required, following surgery or diagnosis, we have the ability to administer a variety of chemotherapy protocols. Although we do not have radiation therapy or radioactive isotopes, we have a professional relationship with the facilities that do this type of treatment and will facilitate your access to these clinics.

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