Internal Medicine

(liver, kidney, bowel, pancreas, bladder, lung)

Internal medicineInternal medicine encompasses disease processes affecting your pet’s organ systems that are either infectious, inflammatory, degenerative, parasitic, toxic, immune mediated or cancerous. The organs involved may be liver, kidney or bladder, bowel, lymphatic or associated tissues and can be assessed on site through blood and urine samples, X-ray or ultrasound as well as biopsy to attain a diagnosis. Therapies are commenced based on this diagnosis and response to therapy monitored accordingly.


Endoscopy is a wonderfully non invasive method of examining or biopsying the internal surfaces of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts as well as retrieving upper gastrointestinal foreign bodies. Although a general anesthetic is required, there are no incisions to heal and the procedure is a one day process. Amherst employs the mobile services of a board certified internal medicine specialist who has extensive experience and expertise to perform this procedure.

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