Your pet can suffer from the same array of neurological conditions that you do. Neurology, or the study of the nervous system deals with conditions affecting the central nervous system such as the brain (epilepsy and encephalitis), spinal cord (intervertebral disc disease or emboli) or the peripheral nervous system such as peripheral nerves (facial n. paralysis, radial n. paralysis etc) Should your pet be presented with neurological signs, our Veterinarians will perform a variety of tests to evaluate mentation, the cranial nerves, peripheral nerves as well as the spinal cord and it’s ability to relay information from the extremities to the brain and back again. Radiographs are integral to the evaluation in many cases and can be performed expediently and the appropriate therapies commenced. If more extensive diagnostics/therapies are required, we will refer your pet to Canada West Veterinary Specialists where there is access to their MRI machine as well as Board Certified Neurologists.

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