Armida was born in Caracas, Venezuela of Spanish/Catalan descent. As a result she speaks 4 different languages and has an appreciation for diversity, cultures, and people of many origins. Armida brings her compassion and caring into the clinic and excels at knowing just what people need. Armida believes it could be because of her background in the hotel and hospitality industries but we suspect it’s just in her nature to be positive and supportive of everyone she comes across. Armida attended UBC and has an education background specializing in early childhood education. She has worked as a pre-school teacher which is where she credits learning patience and a positive outlook on life. As someone who is dedicated to everything she does, Armida started Amherst with her husband Grant and worked tirelessly to build Amherst into the veterinary hospital it is today. Her commitment to detail and excellent client service has formed the template for training and guidelines for all support staff members at Amherst. Her vision and dedication to helping clients and supporting the staff in a variety of ways has been one of her most important contributions.

Her dedication and devotion does not stop at Amherst however, but extends to her “wonderful husband” and “four fantastic children”. She is very close to her family and spending time with them is what gives her “the most joy”. She enjoys walking her dogs in the Endowment Lands, is always looking for more time to do artwork, and squeezes movies, yoga, reading, and cooking as hobbies into her busy days. Armida enjoys the outdoors, especially near the ocean and preferably in warmer climates. She describes Amherst as a place that makes her “very proud” of what her and Grant have created. She feels that Amherst has a “fantastic and dedicated staff and together we provide the utmost in quality service and care for our community and their animal companions”.

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