Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Leila grew up in Calgary, but was born in Edmonton. She moved to Vancouver during the summer of 2016 after completing her Bachelor of Science (Zoology) in May. Prior to completing her degree, Leila did occasional volunteering at an animal shelter in Calgary; walking and feeding dogs, and administering medications.

Some of Leila’s previous experience includes working as an assistant/receptionist in a dental office and as a customer service rep in the University of Calgary book store.

Leila’s medical areas of interest are domestic animals and marine mammals (and small marine invertebrates). Leila really enjoys working with pets. She has good computer skills and is good at troubleshooting computers. Her other area of expertise is in time management/multi-tasking skills, particularly in customer service positions. She finds working with animals though, to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Some of Leila’s other interest are; environmental protection, live music (especially alternative and independent rock), fashion and makeup.


Leila shares her home with an American Bulldog/Staffy named Odin and 2 lovely cats Rambo and Loki. It is in Leila’s long-term plans to return to school at some point to complete her Masters degree.

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