Ashley is our newest Registered Veterinary Technician at Amherst Vet Hospital. Ashley joined our team in the Summer of 2019 and we feel very fortunate to have her skills and caring personality at Amherst.

Ashley grew up in North Delta and now calls Vancouver her home. She attended UBC in 2003 and completed a BSc with a major in Animal Biology. She then attended TRU to complete the Animal Health Technology diploma.

Ashley had five years of experience as an RVT prior to joining Amherst. She worked at Richmond Animal Hospital and Acadia Veterinary Clinic. She gained valuable experience in these clinics and enjoyed her time in them a lot. She was able to hone her skills in areas that she is interested in such as anesthesia, laboratory work and behaviour.

Ashley has always had a love of animals and feels she has some qualities that were made for this job! She is super calm with sassy cats and loves being hands on with pets.

Ashley has a beloved 6 year old rescue dog named Pumpkin a.k.a Princess! Pumpkin was found on a highway in Texas and Ashley feels very fortunate to have her as part of her family. She likes to spend time hiking in the beautiful mountains with her husband and her dog. She also enjoys movies and craft beer tasting.

Ashley thinks Amherst is great and is enjoying the support and friendliness of the Amherst team. While sedated or under anesthetic, furry patient’s families can rest easy knowing their pets are being watched over by Ashley!

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