Animal Health Technician

Kristina is a part-time Animal Health Technician at Amherst. She was working in a full-time capacity until recently, however has returned to school to pursue her dream of becoming an animal behaviourist. Kristina will continue to work with us on her breaks from school.

She is a fun, caring, and dedicated member of our Amherst team. Kristina grew up in North Vancouver, and before achieving her education in animal health, she acquired many years of experience in the veterinary world. She spent 5 years as a kennel attendant and ward nurse at the Highlands Animal Hospital in North Vancouver. Kristina then pursued her passion for animals and medicine and graduated in 2005 from Lakeland College in Vermilion Alberta with her degree in Animal Health Technology. Upon graduation, Kristina completed a three week practicum right here at Amherst in March of 2005, and officially started work at our hospital in May of the same year.

Kristina has a wide range of specific interests in her work, including dentistry, radiology, anaesthesia and behaviour. She is particularly adept at communicating with dogs and has taught many of our staff’s animals new impressive tricks in very short periods of time. Kristina is an active outdoorswoman and takes full advantage of our local natural playgrounds as she enjoys skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. Often joining her on hikes is Shady, a female Border Collie/Labrador cross. Kristina has always had a lifelong love and enjoyment for animals and is excited about her career plans. She would like to add that “Amherst rocks.”

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