Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant
Dr. Natasa Milojkovic

GE, as she prefers to be called is a veterinary assistant and veterinary receptionist. She was born and raised in the Lake District within the United Kingdom. GE moved to Canada in 2017 and gained permanent residence status in 2019. GE graduated from Bath Spa University and Staffordshire University with a degree in music and then worked primarily as a topline vocalist.

After moving to Vancouver, GE took up dog walking and kennel attendant as employment. After some experience GE became the Manager of the doggie daycare. To prepare for this role, she completed the dogsafe K9 firstaid program and this sparked an additional interest in animal wellness and a desire to work in a more specialized environment.

GE chose this role as over time, she has found herself most comfortable around animals and animal lovers. In her leisure time GE participates in singing, calisthenics and bouldering. Very adventurous!

GE currently is a dog mom to two senior Chihuahua ladies. She grew up with Labradors, Siamese cats, sheep and parrots. Quite a combination!

GE is very happy to be a part of the Amherst family and to share her days with such skilled, hard working and caring team of people. Amherst is so happy to have you on board!

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