Daniela Andrade

Veterinary Assistant
Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Daniela grew up in Vancouver, surrounded by the love and support of her large family. After completing her schooling and earning a General Arts degree from Langara College, she decided to stay close to home to pursue her career goals. Driven by her lifelong passion for animals, she enrolled in the Veterinary Assistant Program at Vancouver Career College, where she graduated with flying colours. Her training equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide excellent care to a variety of animals.

Daniela has a strong passion for general nursing care, but she also has a keen interest in expanding her knowledge about birds. Her fascination with avian species reflects her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. She looks forward to the day when she can apply her skills to care for birds, adding another dimension to her already impressive skill set.

Daniela’s journey into animal care began with her own budgies, Bibi and Duo. Her love for them sparked a desire to work with animals, a dream she has had since childhood. Inspired by her mom, who encouraged her to pursue this path, Daniela has always felt a deep connection to animal care.

In her spare time, Daniela enjoys watching movies, getting lost in a good book, and following Formula One racing. One of her dreams is to attend a Formula One race in person, an experience she eagerly anticipates.

Daniela loves working at Amherst, where she finds joy in the supportive and collaborative environment. The people at Amherst help her learn, grow, and laugh every day, making it a place where she feels truly at home. Her role as a veterinary assistant not only fulfills her career aspirations but also aligns with her lifelong dream of working with animals, making every day at Amherst a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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