Emily was born in Vancouver and has lived in many parts of the lower-mainland growing up. After high school, she attended the University of Victoria, working in the fashion industry once obtaining her degree in Art History. Eventually, she went back to school, studying gerontology at Simon Fraser University. After several years caring for older adults in the community, Emily felt it best to move on yet again, and found herself at Amherst.

Emily has always been a devout animal-lover. In early childhood, she lived with two large parrots, a hamster, a mouse, a bunny, and a lovely English Cocker Spaniel. Toward the end of elementary school, she was lucky enough to move to a small farm and dog kennel. The owner participated in professional dog shows and bred Basenji’s and chocolate Labradors. Some of her fondest memories are of helping to care for the many puppies born there, as well as helping to care for the boarding dogs and tending to the farm animals, including ducks, chickens, geese, goats, horses, and several wily barn cats.

It is no surprise that returning to the animal kingdom has come naturally to Emily. Having acquired her own pup in 2020, a big mutt named Kiddo, Emily understands now more than ever the special trust required between owners and the healthcare professionals devoted to their pets. Using her strong sense of empathy and customer service skills, Emily looks forward to caring for the many furry friends that visit Amherst, as well as their owners.

Amherst Veterinary Hospital

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