Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Tatiana grew up in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She attended college there, lived in Calgary then located to Wells BC before moving to Vancouver to be closer to nature and her beloved Grandma Hazel.

Tatiana has worked in a couple of different medical clinics. She spent many hours volunteering at multiple animal shelters back home, working and care for pets there.

She has had many jobs since the age of 12. She has worked in high end hotel kitchens, museums, art galleries, and an optometrist office and many more.

Tatiana loves learning about the different breeds throughout the veterinary world, the history, medicine and nutrition for all animals big and small.

Tatiana grew up near many farms, having multiple pets and working with different species. She loves to spoil and calm pets. She enjoys new technology, computers and keeping things organized. She is always happy to help and make people smile.

She has always love being around animals. And has dreamed since a child of working in a vet’s office. She would still like to own a farm with many animals or have an animal shelter one day.

One of Tatiana’s hobbies art, in different forms. She has an applied Bachelor of Arts degree and has spent many hours at the Emily Carr University. She likes to work in acrylic, watercolor, print making and photography. She loves books, cooking, hiking and biking. One of Tatiana’s side interests is in pet sitting for neighbors and friends.

Tatiana grew up with a cat named Blackie when she was very little and as a teenager she had 2 pit bulls and a rottweiler in her life. When she was 17 she got her beloved cat Marley who was her pal for 13 years and has just recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Right now she has no pets, but has two hands to pet all the wonderful clinic patients.


Tatiana’s short term goals are to do more crazy hikes and take more courses in mother nature while exploring the West Coast from top to bottom.


Tatiana is very excited to learn and grow in all the challenging fields/areas that Amherst has to offer.

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