Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Another member of our international team of receptionist is Valentina. Valentina grew up in Austria where, as a child, she spent much of her time at her neighbours farm. She took care of all kinds of farm animals including horses, sheep and rabbits. After all this exposure to animals, Valentina decided that she wanted to learn more and applied herself to becoming a skilled worker of equine studies. Her related schooling to working in a Veterinary hospital, is Equine Education, which includes Veterinary horse studies.  In addition, Valentina started working in the hospitality industry while continuing to work with animals.

As you can guess, Valentina’s hobbies and interests are horseback riding, walking dogs, being outdoors and skiing or snowboarding. Valentina shares her home with her cat Jamie Oliver and her newest addition, Ivy, is a lovely little rescue dog.

Valentina is outgoing and has a friendly personality. She loves being around animals and getting to know their individual personalities. And that is why she is such a great addition to Amherst.

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